Achamindri – Tamil Movie Review

Directed by: P. Rajapandi
Produced by: Vinoth Kumar
Cast: Vijay Vasanth, Srishti Dange, Samuthirakani, Vidya Gopakumar, Saranya Ponvannan, Radharavi
Music: Premji Amaran
Cinematography: A. Venkatesh


The movie opens with a killing of a honest collector by the secretary of education minister (Radharavi). It moves on to tell us the story of few more mysterious deaths and bizarre incidents that revolve around a private school.

Shakthi (Samuthirakani) is a straight forward police officer who wants to marry Shruti (Vidya Gopakumar), who has speech deficiency. The girl is killed by someone and Shakthi is caught in a mess when he tries to find out the killer.

In another track Vijay Vasanth and his gang indulge in pickpocketing and they find some innovative ways to pickpocket. Vijay falls in love with Srishti Dange, one of his victims. Vijay gets into deep trouble when he steals a valet from a local dada who is close to the group that indulges in many criminal activities.

At one point Samithirakani and Vijay join hands and try hard to find the culprits and punish them. They are in for a bigger fight against an enemy that has enormous political and money power.

Script analysis

Achamindri is a movie that tries to expose the atrocities done by the private schools. It also tries to highlight the plight of government schools. Director P. Rajapandi has dealt with these aspects with an interesting story and a script that has many interesting twists and turns. Though the initial scenes irritate us with their immaturity (especially the pick pocketing scenes) the script compensates with some serious developments in the narrative.

It is too simplistic to see a private school act as a mafia gang but the message on the education system has been driven home well. The chasing of the culprits have been presented interestingly and the climax scenes is quite impressive with powerful dialogues that reflect all aspects and angles of the issue.

Rajapandi could have made this an outstanding experience if he had improved the quality of comedy scenes and the characterization of the heroine.


Samuthirakani and Radharavi have given wonderful performances. Vijay Vasant is credible while Srishti Dange looks misfit in the cast.

Saranya Ponvannan in a negative character is a revelation. She has given a stunning performance. Rohini in a cameo role impresses with her mature acting.

Premgi Amaran’s music is a big letdown. Cinematography by A. Venkatesh is competent.

Positive points:

Socially relevant theme
Interesting twists and turns
Impressive climax

Negative points:

The initial scenes that involve Vijay Vasanth and his gang
Simplistic portrayal
Too dramatic to digest


The movie has got a few good moments and interesting turning points besides having a powerful climax.

Achaminri: A movie with a message and an interesting script.

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