Mo – Tamil Movie Review

Writer and directed by: Bhuvan Nullan
Cast: Aiswharya Rajesh. Ramesh Thilak. Suresh Ravi. Ramadoss, Darbuka Siva,. Selva, Mime Gopi and Yogi Babu
Music: Santhosh Dhayanidhi
Cinematography: Vishnu Shri.K;


Dev (Suresh Ravi), Sathish (Ramesh Tilak) and Kumar (Darbuka Siva) are friends who make a living by cheating people in various methods. They find a new trick to exploit people’s fear on ghosts and mint money.

Cinema makeup artist Joseph Chellappa (Ramadoss) and junior artist Priya (Aishwarya Rajesh) join them as partners to create fake ghosts and threaten people to make money.

The first attempt of the gang succeeds in a big apartment complex and they get huge money. But somehow the apartment secretary and Real Estate businessman Vetrivel (Selva) learns that they have been cheated by the gang of Fake exorcists.

Caught red handed by the mighty big shot Vetrivel who can put them behind the bars, the gang accepts to do him a favor to let them free.

Vetrivel asks them to go to Pondicherry where he is planning to buy a dilapidated school building and threaten away his competitor Senthilanthan (Mime Gopi) by making him believe that a ghost exists in the place. Senthilnathan is a person who will not venture into a building feared to be possessed by evil spirits.

The Fake Exorcist gang succeed in their assignment given by Vetrivel but before returning, they are trapped by the real ghost existing in the building.

Do they escape? What happens to Vetrivel’s plans?

Script Analysis

Debutant director Bhuvan Nullan has come up with a horror comedy script which is more of the latter and less or even little of the former. Within the 15-20 minutes of the film, the script reveals that we are watching the story of Fake Exorcists and the director’s intentions is to make us laugh as much as possible.

Thankfully the comedy part is worked out fairly well in ‘Mo’ and we are provided with adequate laughter moments throughout the film. This has been achieved by a script that retains scope for funny situations and incidents and the all the actors do their job of making us laugh with ease.

One more reason for the movie to be appealing is that it does not make any pretentions. The comedy is clean and the film is completely devoid of obscenity in the form of glamour and double entendres.

The writer-director never loses focus on the main storyline and almost every scene is connected with the plot. There is only one song and that is also cleverly used to reveal the background of the lead characters on how they decide and work on the idea of cheating people with ghosts.

The second half especially after the existence of Real ghosts is revealed drags on.The overall film carries many repeated shots and dialogues which could have been doneaway with a smarter work on the Editor’s table and we would have got a crispier film.

After hiking up the tension and we expect some shock or surprise in the revelation about the real ghost but what we get again is intended as making fun. That is certainly a dampener that forces us to get convince ourself that this is just a time pass fun entertainer while it could have been something more than that.

Performance analysis

Ramesh Thilak fits the role and makes us laugh with his brand of oneliners and dialogue delivery. Darbuka Siva’s has a unique way of uttering dialouges and that makes us laugh at many places. Ramdoss has done a hilarious job especially in the second half. Selva and Suresh Ravi are just adequate for their roles.

Aiswharya Rajesh aptly fulfils the requirements of her character. Mime Gopi and Super Good as a fake Godman make a mark in the one lengthy scene they appear in the second half. Yogi Babu as usual provides some genuine laughter moments with his brand of comedy and serves the purpose of casting him in a cameo.

Santhosh Dhayanidhi’s rerecording is pulsating. Vishnu Sri K’s cinematography is commendable and he has done a really good job in capturing the lengthy scenes within a building in night effect.

Director Bhuvan Nullan has to be applauded for providing us with a neat entertainer with a lot of scope to laugh. He could have made it better by trimming the movie.

Positive points

Script without deviations

Negative points

Second half dragging beyond a poit
Weak climax

Verdict: The movie has come out as a neat entertainer though at time, we feel the length tiring.

Mo: Unpretentious comical fare

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