Lakshmi Priya’s film selected for multiple international festivals

Directed by Sarjun KM and Produced by I B Karthikeyan under the banner ‘Big Print Pictures’, the short film ‘LAKSHMI’ that has actress Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli in the female lead, portrays the life of an ordinary woman.

We live in a world where women challenge limitations, take down barriers, fight battles and yet are chastised for not making round rotis. ‘Lakshmi’ is a Short film made, not in dedication to these women; but in acceptance of who they are in all their glory and what they go through in all its honesty.

Director Sarjun KM’s ‘Lakshmi’ is the story of a woman, the kind of woman you see in crowded buses trying to save their sanity and yet reach office on time; the kind who sacrifice promotions to take care of their sons and move cities to be with their husbands.

In the midst of an everyday life, one that is boring, uneventful, monotonous and lacks all semblance of love, a woman’s heart wavers to unchartered territory. Does she embrace where her heart has gone? Or does society get the better of her? This is Lakshmi.The dreams of ‘LAKSHMI’ travels across the seas.

“When we shot Lakshmi, little did we know that it will spread its wings far & wide across the globe. But what happened was so much more. After we submitted the short for the first festival – Los Angeles Cine Fest, barely a day before the deadline, we were greeted with the good news not more than a week later that Lakshmi got through to the semifinals. Elated, we kept going forward, festival after festival, nomination after nomination & screening after screening.

Our biggest thanks goes to our Producer Mr.Karthik of Big Print pictures for his tremendous support and the complete freedom that he has given to our team. I would also like to thank Ms.Dilani of Viewfinder Consulting for serving as our consultants & taking Lakshmi to places & festivals.” conveys Director Sarjun KM in an enthusiastic tone.

Shortfilm LAKSHMI’s festival travel dates:

Canadian Diversity Film Festival – Oct 2016, The Great Indian Film & Literature Festival – Nov 2016, Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival – Dec 2016 – Winner – Special Mention Award, Cine Pobre Film Festival, Mexico – Dec 2016 – competitor for ‘Best Self-Funded Film’, Cineframe Short International Film Festival, Kolkata – Dec 2016 and Chatrapati Sivaji International Film Festival, Delhi – Dec 2016.

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