“I’m sincerely seeking a reply from you” – Sarath Kumar to Narendra Modi

Following Gautami’s innumerable questions surrounding the death of former CM Jayalalitha in her letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, here is a completely different perspective from actor Sarath Kumar who has written a letter to PM, sincerely seeking a reply from him.

“The recent attacks by few so called common citizens, have no ground in making such anguish, suspecting the entire execution of medical attention, constant monitoring by the supreme authorities both the state and the central governments. It is shocking and saddening to come across such baseless comments and brutal attacks.

It is a baseless allegation demeaning the character of all of us in the state. It is a clear attention-seeking tactics by addressing one’s concerns on Social Media to the Prime Minister throwing allegation directly or indirectly on personalities whose roles have been very significant in the life,” he said in his letter.

“As a common citizen again, I have some basic questions to those Social Media Savvy few who have numerous questions in mind.

1. During hospitalisation of the late honourable Chief Minister, the Governor, representing the Central Government had visited the hospital and released statements where there was never a mention on him being denied access and if he was, has he withheld any truth? If the truth was withheld, was he compelled to do so? Can anyone compel The Governor to say anything which is not the truth?

2. Three senior central ministers representing the Central Government and the Honourable Prime Minister had visited and met the press outside the hospital.

In all their interviews, no where did they mention denial of accessibility nor treatment was inadequate or incompetent. They always mentioned international standard of medical care to her which was always supported by Dr Richard Beale from London and medical experts from AIIMS.

If that is the case, where is the question of any hidden truth which was not revealed? Can the Central Ministers be compelled by anyone to hide the truth or speak otherwise?

3. Under the constitution of India, more specifically Article 19, people have the freedom of expression; but at the same time, slandering without any relevance and truth may cause huge damage to the sentiments of the already wounded hearts.

4. The Governor, The Central Ministers, Tamilnadu government and its authorities, Apollo Hospital, AllMS Doctors, Dr Richard Beale from London and people who were taking care of her have been insulted by such comments.

All their tireless efforts and services during the last 75 days have been now ridiculed by such baseless and senseless comments. Medical profession is considered the Noblest in the world, but ridiculing their selfless efforts and services hurt them the most. Every medical update was official and it was all released with utmost accuracy and authenticity.

So, when people make such baseless allegations, Dear Prime Minister, are they actually undermining your systems and the values. I am sincerely seeking a reply from you to put an end to the untruths which is actually belittling your office
the state of Tamilnadu and our constitution itself.

Thank you
With warmest regards
R Sarathkumar.”

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