Neither Shruti nor Akshara caused my split with Kamal: Gautami

neither-shruti-nor-akshara-caused-my-split-with-kamal-gautamiActress Gautami has said that neither Shruti Haasan nor Akshara Haasan, daughters of Kamal Haasan, caused the split between her and Kamal.

Gautami announced a few days back that she was calling off the 13-year long ‘live-in’ relationship with Kamal Haasan, thus letting Kamal celebrate a lonely birthday on 07th November.

Speaking to newsmen recently, Gautami said that had she wanted, she could have hidden this (separation) from others. “However, I’m in public life and din’t want to hide a reality and felt that I owed an explanation at least to my fans.

“I have been in the industry for close to 20 years now and reached the top merely by my hard-work. I no whave to devote time for my teenage daughter.

That’s why I decided to split. Whosoever wants a change in their life, would have to invariably undergo some pain in the heart. From now onwards, I can think only about my daughter and her future; I don’t want to elaborate it.

“Shruti and Akshara’s spaces are different from that of mine. Who am I to oppose them. I have only been supportive of their endeavours and been cooperative. They are not the reason for my split,” said Gautami.

When a scribe asked why she announced the split after meeting Prime Minister Modi, she hastened to add that the decision had nothing to do with her meeting with Modi as it had been taken ‘long back’.

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