Piracy has caused more than 1000 Crore loss for Kollywood in 2016

piracy-has-caused-more-than-1000-crore-loss-for-kollywood-in-2016Piracy. One of the biggest issues haunting Kollywood and the Cinema industry in general, since years. And for the first time we have some exact numbers to quantify the damage caused by the Pirated websites.

HeroTalkies, an online-streaming service which provides tamil movies in overseas markets, came up with the numbers based on view count in Pirated websites, approximate number of views in overseas markets & their corresponding approximate movie ticket prices.

Here are a few shocking numbers that highlight the menace of Piracy in our Industry.

1. The total Pirate Box Office for 15 movies till,September 2016 is approximately Rs. 435.4 Crores

2. The overall number of Movie views on the Pirated websites is 10 Crores, i.e. a potential footfall loss of that big a number.

As you can see, the numbers are unsubstantial. And this alarming loss of 1000 Crores is from five pirated websites only. The numbers would scare us if we take into account all the websites that pirate.

Another shocking aspect of the above numbers is that the overall revenue of the 15 movies selected above will be approximately 500 – 600 Crores, i.e. the Pirate Box Office numbers are almost equal to the actual collections.

Though most of the movies would have made decent box office numbers anyway, imagine the magnitude of profits the Producers & Distributors could potentially rake in. Loss for producers would directly lead to us losing better movies in future. We indirectly affect the quality of the movies made. We’re the starting point of the Piracy Cycle.

Piracy is one of the very palpable issues facing the industry today. And it’s us, the consumers of Tamil Cinema who should consciously take efforts & say NO to piracy.

With the advent of legal options, for affordable charges, why should we still believe in Pirated websites? The numbers are here. Now, it’s time to take the #SayNoToPiracy Campaign to the next Level. Get rid of the Guilt.

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