Nalan Kumarasamy is cheated!

Nalan-Kumarasamy-is-cheatedNalan Kumarasamy who was roped in as one of the eleven directors indie ‘X: Past is Present’ has been cheated by producer Manish Mundra of Drishyam Films, who has not paid any of the filmmakers yet.

Sudhish Kamath, one of the directors who was part of the project, has thrown the lid off in his Facebook note.

“35 crore turnover?! Indie saviour. Manish Mundra The man behind Drishyam Films the production company that hasn’t paid any of the X- Past is Presentfilmmakers (or crew) a buck for over two years of work after getting them to make films with stars at 1500 dollar budgets per segment (AND insisting on a solo producer credit) I have maintained a dignified silence for long but the fact that the studio has money for this bullshit PR campaign and nothing to pay filmmakers pisses me off! More for another day when I’m less angry.

Keep my money as a donation for the fine films you are producing, Mr. Mundra. I really don’t mind being homeless because I know I’ll be fine making my small films out of a suitcase but it’s time you pay the other ten filmmakers direction fees especially since you robbed them off the producer credit.

This time, I hope you and your CEO are capable of a response more mature and/or sensitive than: “You are a real pain in the ass.” or “Throw 50,000 at them and cut down the release from 300 to 30 screens.” Wishing you and your films all the luck. Cheers.

P.S: The film produced for under 50 lakhs (with another 15 spent on premieres and Film Bazaar) released on Nov 20, 2015 and recovered 92 lakhs by the CEO’s own admission before the studio lied about not being able to re-censor it for TV to sell satellite rights because…

someone isn’t qualified or competent enough for the job and was stupid enough to spend 1.5 crores on selling a 1500-dollar-per-segment-anthology- experimental film as a multi-starrer without the approval from/ consultation with any of the other 11 EQUAL stakeholders involved,” he wrote.

He also added saying, “Nalan spent 6 lakhs from pocket, had a 30 people crew, shot in Koovathur village, 100 kms from Chennai. 20 min of X in 3 days, double-shift.

We hardly slept. I drove Anshuman Jha & Swara Bhaskar to location in Shilpa Rathnam’s car. 100 km at 4 am, would return at 3 after 1 a.m packup! Remember being moved & freaked out when Nalan told me how much he ended up spending. Told him we might not make it back. “We will,” he said.’

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