Kangaroo – Tamil Movie Review

KangarooCast: Arjuna, Varsha Ashwathi, Priyanka, Ganja Karuppu, Thambi Ramiah, R Sundarrajan, Kalabhavan Mani
Direction: Samy
Music: Srinivas
Cinematography: Raja Rathinam

Director Samy, who is known for controversial themes, has come out with a movie that revolves around the affection between a brother and sister. He has made a crime thriller based on these feelings.

Murugesan (Arjun) is very much attached towards his sister Azhagu (Priyanka). So much so that he is called as Kangaroo by the people of the area as he ‘carries’ her sister just like mother Kangaroo carries its child.

Azhagu loves a man but he is mysteriously killed before the marriage. Another bridegroom too gets killed before marriage. Family friend Viswanathan (R. Sundarrajan) gets them to the neighboring area to give them some change and solace.

Later Viswanathan gets his relative married to Azhagu. An unidentified person tries to kill Azhagu’s husband.

Police steps into the case and ties to figure out why those who come forward to marry Azhagu’s are getting killed.

The mystery behind the killings forms the rest of the story.

Script analysis
Director Samy has completely avoided obscene or double entrants. But he has failed to present a neat screenplay. The first half is filled with brother – sister sentiments and Thambi Ramiah’s hopeless efforts to make us laugh.

Nothing actually happens in the first half but the second half is refreshingly fast and lively with an interesting flashback and smart investigation. The twist in the flashback portion is touching.

The director has scored a point in driving home the message that too much of affection could lead to some bizarre developments in one’s character and behaviour. But we cannot get involved in the narrative as most of the scenes are raw and melodramatic.

Arjun has admirably conceived the ‘Kangaroo’ character well and given an authentic performance. But he could have avoided too much rigidity which looks like overdoing a bit. Priyanka is credible in the innocent sister role.

Director Samy as police officer has added value to the fare while Varsha Ashwathi has provided some glamourous relief. Thambi Ramiah’s attempts fail to attract.

Srinivas’s music is one of the high points of the movie. All songs sound good. The song sung by Swetha Menon stands out with its tune and lyrics (Vairamuthu).

Raja Rathinam’s camera work adds authenticity to the script. he has shot the songs well.

Positive points
Fast second half
Sami’s performance

Negative points:
Insipid first half

Kangaroo would have been far better had the first half matched the second half.

Kangaroo: An average crime thriller soaked in sentiments.

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