Sagaptham – Tamil Movie Review

sagaptham-movie-poster_142060921820Cast: Shanmuga Pandian, Neha Hinge, Shubra Aiyappa, Ranjith, Devayani
Direction: Surendran
Production: L.K. Sudhish
Music: Karthik Raja
Cinematography: S K Bhupathi

Film launching actor-politician Vijayakanth’s younger son Shanmuga Pandian to Kollywood is here at last! Unlike his father who started from the scratch to make it big in the world of films, Shanmuga Pandian has a huge reputation to defend. Let’s look at what the story is all about.

Fatherless Shanmuga Pandian lives in a remote village with his mother and wanders around with his friend Jagan. With no job for survival, he falls for the charms of Neha Hinge, a relative. His friend ‘Powerstar’ Srinivasan, who returns on leave from Malaysia, convinces him to come to Malaysia to find a better job.

Shanmuga Pandian lands up in Malaysia but is not welcomed by Srinivasan; instead, customs official ‘Thalaivasal’ Vijay helps them trace their address where they find Srinivasan working as a cook in a restaurant.

Pandian helps Shubra, who runs a detective agency in Malaysia, to emerge out of an unexpected trouble and wins her heart. She also appoints him as a detective.

Pandian meets Ranjith, husband of his sister Devayani back home, in jail and come across a mafia which indulges in making adulterated medicines and exporting them to many countries. Whether or not Pandian was able to save Ranjith and expose the activities of the mafia gang forms the rest of the story.

Script review
A story with predictable twists, turns and events; the script has nothing new to offer to the viewers. Though the story is good to some extent, director Surendran slips in the screenplay department as his effort is more inclined to show the heroism of Pandian rather than treating the story as per the script.

In the end, the director ends up goofing and presenting a predictable action film. Lack of thrill has spoilt what could have been a good script.

Performance review
Shanmuga Pandian emotes and fights well in action sequences. It’s only his maiden film and he has to take care to emote in comic sequences and to dance well.

Neha Hinge and Shubhra Aiyappa look completely out-of-sorts; lip-sync of their dialogues is nothing short of terrible. They perfectly carry out their job of exposing and dancing in duet songs.

Jagan, Srinivasan, Singampuli and others have done their roles admirably well. Veterans such as ‘Thalaivasan’ Vijay, Ranjith and Devayani have done neat jobs. Vijayakanth makes a cameo appearance apparently to prop up the prospects of his son’s film but it appears a lost case.

Karthik Raja’s music is okay but not great. Cinematography is good.

Positive points:
• Shanmuga Pandian’s active spirit
• Neha and Shubra’s glamour
• Catchy locales of Malaysia

Negative points:
• Predictable script
• Lack of element of thrill
• Paucity of quality comedy
• Songs

Sagaptham would bore you unless you’re a Vijayakanth supporter.

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