Nannbenda – Tamil Movie Review

nanbenda1842014_m2Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Nayantara, Santhanam
Written and Directed by: Jagadish
Production: Udhayanidhi Stalin
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: Balasubramaniem

Sathya (Udhayanidhi Stalin), who lives in Tanjavore, used to visit Trichi once a month to have fun with his close friend Sivakozhunthu (Santhanam), who works as a manager in a local hotel. Sathya stumbles upon Ramya (Nayantara), a stunning beauty. He decides to stay in Trichi to woo her.

Ramya works in a bank. She is staying in a ladies’ hostel opposite to the mansion in which Sivakozhundhu stays. Sathya stays in the mansion and puts in a great effort to make Ramya love him. Sivakozhundhu too is in love with a girl and trying to make it a success.

Sathya helps Sivakozhundhu to develop the hotel. He slowly gets nearer to Ramya and impresses her. There is a hiccup in the form of a ‘mishap’ in Ramya’s past life. Knowing the nature of the ‘mishap’ Sathya is not taking it seriously and this makes Ramya upset.

Their old friend Karunakaran comes as the Police Inspector of the area. He has some personal ‘score’ against these two. Ramya’s job in the loan section brings her into trouble. The local goon wants to kill her. Sathya wants to get Ramya’s love back. Sathya and Sivakozhundhu accidentally get into deep trouble and they are put behind the bars.

What happened to the love? Could Ramya save them? What is the role of the new Police Inspector? Watch fun filled Nannbenda to know the answers.

Script analysis
Director Jagadish has filled the movie with interesting twists. Most of the twists are deceptive but they keep the movie going. The twist surrounding Nayanthara’s ‘crime’ is hilarious. The murder mystery is well executed. The comedy is mostly situation comedy. The locations of songs and picturisation are beautiful.

The movie is suffered by non-happening. The director’s too much dependence on deceptive twists backfires after a point. But some of the deceptive twists are not that appealing. But he manages to make the movie fast with funny incidents. The fighting scene is interestingly choreographed.

The movie is not funny enough to make the audiences laugh a lot.

Udhayanidhi Stalin has improved his timing sense in comedy. His dancing skills are considerably enhanced. He must concentrate more on emotions and right expressions.

Nayanthara looks gorgeous and scores many brownie points with her subtle acting and minute expressions.

Santhanam’s punch is lacking but his acting skills are improved.

Rajendran, Karunakaran and Manobala has served well to add the fun element to the fare.

Harris Jayaraj’s tunes are pleasing to the ears but most of them give déjà vu feeling. The background score fits well with the movies mood. The deceptive seriousness has well been reflected in the music.

Balasubramaniem’s cinematography is definitely a plus point. The camera work is fabulous especially in song sequences.

Positive points
• Interesting twists
• Nayanthara’s beauty and performance
• Fast-paced script
• Music and cinematography

Negative points
• Twists becoming predictable
• Lack of coherent story
• Lack of powerful comical element

Nannbenda has fun element despite some predictability. The movie is visual treat but the dragging in the script mars the impact.

Nannbenda: Full of deceptive twists

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