Isai – Tamil Movie Review

fullmovie2CAST AND CREW
Production: S Subbaiah
Cast: Satyaraj, Savithri, SJ Suryah
Direction: SJ Suryah
Screenplay: SJ Suryah
Story: SJ Suryah
Music: SJ Suryah
Background score: SJ Suryah
Cinematography: Soundar Rajan
Dialogues: SJ Suryah
Editing: Anthony
Art direction: Milan
Stunt choreography: Kanal Kannan
Dance choreography: Sheriff, Shobi
PRO: Johnson

Climax is what makes or breaks a movie ! The satisfaction from a climax directly depends on the process it puts the subjects through. The more difficult the process, the more fruitful is the level of satisfaction from the climax.

SJ Suryah draws courage from the new wave cinema in Tamil and comes with an unconventional ending. Appreciation first of all for trying something different.

The release of SJ Suryah’s Isai today, a project in which he has been investing his creative and tangible resources, is in fact the climax of his ambitious last few years. But the director doesn’t let the audiences go without them realizing at least a pinch of the passion and perseverance that he has invested in Isai.

To what extent does a musical genius (played by Sathyaraj) go, to stop the growth of his former assistant (SJ Suryah) and also a potential legend-in-the-making, in the form of a psychological drama, is Isai in brief .

Sathyaraj needs no more acclaims, he is a genius in his own way and his wits are still much alive and loved. His combination with Kanja Karuppu will be talked about.

Suryah cavorts around the screen in the first half and pulls out the pure actor in him post interval. His dialogues and antics are enjoyable in most parts. Watchout for the climax where both he and Sathyaraj will literally compete to outscore each other.

Newcomer Savitri delivers what was expected. The steam she creates on-screen is a treat in classic SJ Suryah style. At the same time, she hasn’t compromised on her performances. While Suryah has believed in her with a meaty role, she has done a great deal to justify the part.

The musician in SJ Suryah has done well in terms of both songs and background scores. Hats off to Milan, the artiste extraordinaire! He deserves special mention for his splendid sets.

Be it the village set-up in the first half, which would be a fantasy for any nature lover or the interiors, Milan has nailed it! Complimenting the art work, cinematographer Sounder Rajan has exploited the wide range of hues and kept the canvas bright, rich and elegant.

The major drawback of Isai is its runtime, which exceeds 3 hours. Adding to it is a snail paced first half and some extremely cheesy romantic lines.

Though the romance sequences seem excessive, it is more or less justified towards the end and whether such excessive love tracks are required or could a few be chopped, is arguable. On the other hand, though mostly predictable, SJ Suryah has brought in a great deal of intelligence in the second half of the movie.

“What Ego does to a man”, is Isai, as narrated by the director during the opening credits. You might hate SJ Suryah, if you let your ego take the better of you after the movie.

However, you’ll come out smiling if you choose to be a sport and accept the clever quip from Suryah! After all, cinema is a medium of entertainment and like SJ Suryah, you don’t have to take everything too seriously!

Verdict: SJ Surya style glamour, humor, dialogues and power packed performances with a little twist in the end!

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