87th Academy Awards – Best Actor – Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything)

eddie-redmayne-theory-of-everything-oscars-600x300Love is an Ointment. Love is a Savior. Love is Hope. Love is Misery.

That essentially sums up the love story of Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) and Jane Wilde Hawking (Felicity Jones).

Eddie Redmayne does have an enigmatic presence in the movie that counts as the largest star in the sky of many love stories of the year.

While silly people argue that the movie doesn’t show much of Hawking’s achievements, the wise lot would agree that the greatest achievement of Hawking’s life is in charming his way into the heart of Jane Wilde.

What is it about love that makes one do anything… literally anything? Eddie Redmayne goofily introduces himself to Felicity Jones at a party; and Jones reciprocates. Redmayne by putting on the Hawking suit has to be intelligently funny in a wheelchair. With spectacles and a movement of the lips, he gets smiles from us, but for him, it’s not funny.

Stephen Hawking is an inspiration to the world. The doctors said he’d live for two more years in 1963. It’s 2015 now. A movie based on his life is running in the theatres and the man is still working. Still alive. Still an inspiration.

Redmayne is understandably right in the role of Stephen Hawking. Jones does steal the thunder sometimes. But ‘The Theory of Everything’ is a game where both actors play well, so, there’s no problem.

Love, however, permanent has a cap on it. The moment it falls off, it’s hard from then on to put it back. Redmayne and Jones in a picture perfect moment discuss their years of togetherness in a scene and decide to separate.

‘The Theory of Everything’ is the absolute theory of a relationship from a beginning to another beginning simply because there’s no end to love.

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