Thenaliraman (Tenaliraman) – Tamil Movie Review

Tenaliraman (10)After taking a three-year gap, popular comedian Vadivelu is back with bang. The actor, who had entertained audience as a hero in Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi, has turned hero again for his come-back movie Thenaliraman (Tenaliraman).

Expectations are sky high for Thenaliraman, as Vadivelu was missing out of action from last few years. His fans had badly missed him and they have been desperately waiting to watch him on-screen. The comedian-turned-hero had taken a break from films due to his involvement in politics. Well, his support to the DMK went in vain, as the party lost the power last general elections.

Post elections, there was reportedly pressure on films not to cast him in films. It comes as a no surprise, as politcs and cinema go hand in hand in Tamil Nadu. Well, Vadivelu’s comeback was not smooth, as Thenaliraman faced a lot of issues.

Thenaliraman is directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan and produced by AGS Entertainment. It has D Imman’s music and Ramanath Shetty’s cinematography. Finally, the film has hit the screens today (April 18). Find out in the review what it has to offer.


Vadivelu plays the dual roles of a king (Maamannar) and his minister Thenaliraman. The kingdom’s future is in trouble with the council of ministers planning a conspiracy against the king.

Eight of his ministers want to have a deal with Chinese traders. So, this becomes the root cause of all issues. A sincere minister gets killed and the jester enters the court of the king as his replacement.

The ordinary man Thenaliraman, who is sent to kill the king, understands the situation, which is creating chaos in the kingdom. He wins the trust of the king, who has 36 wives and 52 children.

Through his intelligence he makes his ruler to see his shortcomings, the secret plans, etc. In the meantime, he falls in love with Maamannar’s daughter played by Meenakshi Dixit.

How do the Vadivelus’ tackle the situation? You have to watch the film to get answers for this questions.

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