Rajni’s heart stopped for a second

rajinikanthWe know young actors performing risky stunts without using boy doubles. This trend is spreading across among all heroes of the current generation. But wont it be surprising to know that a 60 year old man opting to shoot for breathtaking risky shot without using a dupe?

Who else can that ’60 year old man’ be if not our own Superstar Rajnikanth. Recently Peter Hein, the stunt master of the superstar’s magnum opus Enthiran revealed this in a television show.

Peter Hein recalled what happened while shooting Chitti the Robot rides on wheels on a railway track chasing a speeding train. Since the scene included many close up shots body double could not be used.

Though the star was harnessed with safety gears, his weight has to rest on the wheels since the shot does not look like Rajni is hanging in air. Peter said after the completion of the shot Rajni in his jovial self asked him “whether you though I am young like you?” and also added that his (Rajni’s) hear stopped for once while performing the shot.

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