Rajinikanth Fans Demand For His School Renovation

08-rajinikanth-schoolIt is well-known that Rajinikanth has a huge fan following in Karnataka. Especially in Bangalore, the place where he was brought up, people love him like no other actor. However, the latest news is that his fans in the state are demanding the state government for the renovation of the school where the superstar had his preliminary education.

“The condition of the school has worsened in the last two years and hundreds of students of different classes are forced to attend classes in temporary locations. This is a pressing issue and if a favourable decision is not arrived at by Jan 21, we’ll protest throughout the state,” Prakash Gowda, vice president of Karnataka State Rajini Ji Seva Samiti, told IANS.

He adds that the situation would have been different if the school was run by a private organisation, but it is the school run by the state government. “Had it been a private school, we would have handled this matter on our own. But this is a government-owned school, and therefore, even if we are willing to contribute, there are several protocols to follow. We request the chief minister to renovate the school as soon as possible,” he added.

It is said that over 500 students are studying in the school, which has been granted Rs 86 lakhs a few years ago for the construction of the same.

“We have learnt that about Rs 86 lakh was sanctioned for the construction of a new building, which is yet to be completed. We have already written to the education minister as well as to the governor,” Gowda said.

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