Arya is the hero for all the heroines: Anushka

AnushkaIrandaamUlagamThe film Irandaam Ulagam has Arya and Anushka in the lead roles. The film which is to be released soon has been directed by Selvaraghavan. Arya, Anushka and director Selvaraghavan met the media people recently.

In an interview with Anushka:

All the Tamil heroines are telling that they have tasted Arya’s Biryani. Have you tasted it?

I missed that opportunity. I have heard about Arya’s house Biryani but I am yet to taste it. I was not in Chennai during last Ramzan. I was in Hyderabad.

There are talks that you have fought in Irandaam Ulagam like actress Vijayashanthi?

I have fought in the film. I am really proud to act in a film like Irandaam Ulagam. I don’t think that any other actress will get such a role and story.

In Telugu, you are acting in the films that give importance to the heroines but in Tamil you are not doing so?

I think that good story is important. I never expect that the story should be centered around me. I also don’t mention that I should be given importance than the hero. I acted in such kind of Telugu films because I got the opportunity. I will act in such Tamil films if I get the opportunity.

There is a talk that Arya is the hero of all the heroines. What is your opinion about this?

It is true. Arya is a friendly person. When I acted with him, there was no problem. My work was easy. I felt comfortable acting with him. Arya is a nice hero.

You and Arya are in the age of getting married. Whose marriage will take place first?

I don’t know. Arya only will know that when he will get married. There is no urgency for me to get married.

Will your marriage will be a love marriage or arranged marriage?

I have never given a thought about this.

Should your husband be short or tall?

If you think like this, the marriage will not take place at all.

When asked Arya that who is the suitable pair for him, he said, ” Nayanthara. Of all the films I have acted Irandaam Ulagam is the biggest film. I have labored for one and half years for this film.”

Director Selvaraghavan was asked, “There is a talk that you undergo lots of hardship in the films you direct and also make the actors and actresses to suffer. Is this necessary? “

Selvaraghavan replying to this said, ” Whatever the film maybe, only if you work hard you can taste success. The director, actor and actresses should work hard to make a film a success. Even if a film is shot in this room, all the actors and actresses should work hard.

We should not consider any work as a burden. I always feel that the films that I direct should be fresh and because of this I work hard. I made my debut as a director in the year 2000. Now thirteen years have passed. Everything has changed. The audience taste has also changed. So I feel that I should make films to satisfy them.”

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