Onayum Attukuttiyum Review

27-1380252537-qa-fans-01Mysskin is returning with Onayum Attukuttiyum after his lackluster Mugamoodi. His latest movie features himself playing a key role along with budding actors like Sri, Neelima Rani and others playing the lead roles.

The director has opted to cast newcomers rather than choosing big stars. Mysskin took a chance as he did not cast big stars. He depended highly on the script and technical departments. Has he succeeded in his attempt? Will the lady luck smile this time? Find it in the review.

Onayum Attukuttiyum has two main characters that reminds us of wolf and lamb story. Mysskin has penned the script based on this concept. The movie, which is strongly driven by the screenplay, is dark but keeps you hooked till the end. The story telling part is different and people would love it for sure.

People have to note that there are no songs or heroine in Onayum Attukuttiyum. Well, the whole movie happens during one night. Medical student Chandran (Sri) founds an injured man, who was shot by bullets, on the streets. He takes him to a hospital for the treatment where the authorities refuse to treat him.

Little less he knew that the one incident would change his life forever. The next part is that fight between good versus bad and the director has tried to showcase the other side of the wolf. Well, the good man Chandran becomes a fearless man. How? You have to find it on-screen.

Mysskin’s story keep you engaged. It is well backed by Music Maestro Illayaraaja’s background score. Not to forget the role played by ‘silence’ in the movie as it perfectly sets the mood to watch the movie Onayum Attukuttiyum. Of all, the scene in which Mysskin tells the story of wolf makes a good impact.

Wonderful Script
Mysskin has come out with a wonderful script. Onayum Attukuttiyum is an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

Characters Well Defined
Mysskin’s characters are well defined. Every character in the movie has something to offer. Even the beggar character will appeal the audience.

Acting Wise
Acting wise, newcomer Sri has done an excellent job. Neelima and other characters too have justified their roles.

Coming back to Mysskin, the director has done a key role in the movie. It appears like the role is tailor-made for him. His styles, body language complement each other.

Illayaraaja’s Background
Illayaraaja’s background is one of the heroes in the movie. The legendary music composer has done a great job.

Balaji V Rangha’s cinematography is top notch. Every frame in the movie is a treat to watch.

Onayum Attukuttiyum is wonderful movie, which should not be missed by people who love to watch thrillers.

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