A rendezvous with Power Star

PowerStarDrSrinivasanPower Star Dr Srinivasan was arrested for various fraud cases and was sent to prison in Puzhal and later on he was lodged in Tihar jail in Delhi. Now he has come out in bail and spoke to us.

You don’t look as if you were in prison. You look so fresh.

I will not call it is a prison. That is an ashram to me. I am very innocent, sir. I was put into this situation because of some betrayers. I did not do anything with the intention of cheating others.

You can call be a fraud only if I go into hiding but you on your own force and give me money and call me a fraud. People give money if they want some job to be done. I can achieve their work only if I pay the money to the concerned people. What can I do if those people cheat me? I will easily believe anyone.

That is my strength and weakness. In order to make my debut in cinema, I have lost nearly Rs 20 Crores. I don’t want to tell the names of those directors. In fact, I am the person who has been cheated. God will take care of the people who have cheated me.

Then how is it your cinema friends have been spreading news that you are a fraud?

See who has mentioned this. They would be the worst criminals. We should worry about the words spoken by good people. People who were always with me have also become my worst enemies. They were with me to abolish me but they were not able to do this. I coming out of the prison is a God’s miracle.

What did you lose because of the prison?

I have built my Lathika Hospital at a cost of Rs 8 Crores. Once I was arrested, some people looted my hospital. I know the people who have done this. I will take action against them. The reason for all this is attributed to one lady. I will very soon give the proof for this.

How was your life in prison?

I am not a person who craves for good food or comforts. Because of my worries I have lost my weight. I thought that I have got rest for four months. All the people who have gone to prison are not accused and all the people who are outside are not faultless. It was difficult for me because I was separated from my family. Someone else in my place would have committed suicide. I thought that affection is important but they have made me feel that money is important.

Did police assault you?

No. Tamilnadu Police are very good people. They have advised me a lot. After a week’s time, they became a fan of me.

How is it that you got released at the time when your film is released?

I was in prison for 90 days. I got the bail. See even the law is on my side.

Did any of your cinema friends visit you when you were in prison?

Only Prashanth enquired about me. Apart from him, no one was bothered to visit me. I treated many as my brothers. None of them visited me. I want to say one thing to all of them.

It is not important to be at the side of a person when he is in good position but they should be a great strength and support to the person when he is in distress. This month three of my films are being released. I am also been signed for lots of films. Many have thought that my fans will disown me and I will be out of cinema. This Power will bash their thoughts.

But people say that you are acting in real life also?

Everyone is acting in the real life.

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