Roaring Success of Singam 2

images (1)Tamil Cinema has always been skeptical about sequels and most importantly the die-hard fans are always worried about the way it might affect the image from the first thump. To carve a sequel from where it was left behind and even do justice to the first part is not a stroll in the park, as it would involve reviving the characters, do justice to the roles and more importantly make it amiable for the audience. Director Hari has pondered his mastermind brain enough to the lengths and breadths to bring back the Lion that roared a while back. Duraisingam who charmed the villagers is back on duty as a moonlighter to the Government of Indian Police and he is even more thunderous when it comes to crime and baddies.

Twinkling moments of Singam 2:

As the tag line screams, AN INDIAN POLICE, the movie thoroughly lauds the valor of Police and the pride they take in doing it. There are some recurring scenes of Suriya speaking rich in values, that surely is the sound of Police and there can be no better way to present it.

Some of the aerial view shots of Tuticorn are simply awesome, not to leave behind the “City of God” toned look for the portions filmed in South Africa. Priyan’s exquisite “wise cam” usage depicting difference was commendable.

Romance segment in Singam 2 was cute and straight forward, with that one scene when Suriya justifies his love for Anushka to Hansika is surely a “Goose bumpy” scene, deserves a special mention for director Hari.

Action like never seen before with some mind boggling stunt choreography, right from scene one!

Hari’s movie without family sentiments are never complete, the one scene where Duraisingam’s father emotes his happiness on phone is enough to show the director’s touch.

Comedy is an integral blend of Hari’s any outing and this one is no different, Santhanam’s extensive humor is very much to relish, especially the scenes he kneels down?!

Director Hari and his commercial extravaganza:

Reviews from critics on various media might come in different proportions, but it’s ultimately the horde of viewers who decide on how the movie has really fared off. The majority of Tamil cinema’s fanatic viewers come from the B and C classes, and they reside in towns, villages without a doubt. And we see the fans thronging the screens for the second time, and why? It is definitely the magnetic enigma of clean Commercial movie spelled out by Director Hari.

Brushing away the darts of critic’s review at him, he always has emphasized his movies are for the masses of people who need entertainment and sense of ease when they trot out of the theatres, and that has chugged the director to make it his forte. The movie is running to packed houses not just across Tamil Nadu, also worldwide, thanks again to the clean commercial film making, very much for the family audiences.

The success meet of Singam 2 happened quite recently in the city and most of the cast and crew were present for the event and the praise for the director and actor kept pouring in profusely for the amount of hard work and commitment they have invested in it. Going by the terms of BO, the number it has already garnered are already a whooping one and will be revealed shortly.

If Singam had a cop who was in dilemma to choose between his grocery shop and Police work for a career, eventually going to become the finest cop ever, then Singam 2 is about a matured cop who puts his nation and morale in front of anything and whatever is the obstacle that’s in his way, its dust! So Singam 3 on the cards? Well, that’s something for the actor-director to decide, until then its Singam dance all the way!

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