Vijay against revealing everything about films before their release

VijayActor Vijay has opined that it is not proper for filmmakers and artists to reveal almost ‘anything and everything’ about a film and its making in the name of promotion by releasing the ‘making of a film’ video.

In an interview to a leading regional weekly, Vijay has said “Films are an emotional medium. When a fan comes to a movie to watch the film of his favourite actor, he should not be merely made to sit in the seat but inside the ‘backdrop of the script’ which is displayed on-screen. He should be ‘transported’ to the script straightaway; to provide such a feeling is the ‘magic’ of filmmaking.

“However, of late, the trend has been to share everything about filmmaking in the name of ‘making of a film’ or promoting it adapting various ways and means. In the days of the legendary MGR and Sivaji, the nuances of film-making weren’t revealed to the public which made them flock to the theatres in huge numbers. I feel there ought to be at least some ‘surprising’ elements for the audiences when they go to theatres.

“We toil a lot on the sets which is amply shown through ‘making of the film’. What else would be there for the audiences to look forward to in cinema halls? When a particular sequence is shown, the fans would be familiar with it thanks to the promos and the ‘making’ and it would rob the film of the ‘surprise’ element. Let’s strive to create magic on screen instead!” concluded Vijay.

Is it a valid point on which some thought needs to be given or is the actor feared with the knowledge of general public these day?

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