Why are people criticizing me for donning the role of a call girl? Shruthi Haasan

shruti_Hassan_D_Day_HotThere are lots of criticisms because Kamal’s daughter Shruthi Haasan has donned the glamorous call girl role in a Hindi film titled D Day. When asked Shruthi Haasan about this, she said, “They are criticizing me be by telling that I have crossed my limitations in glamour. Cinema is a profession.

After taking up acting we should do what the story demands. If I have to act in a swimming dress I have to act. There is nothing wrong in it. There is a comment that I have acted vulgarly in the call girl role. You should see that with an artistic eye. Lots of actresses have acted glamorously in call girl roles. No one has criticized them but they are blaming me. Since I liked the story of D Day, I agreed to act in the role of a call girl.

I can bring out my acting skills only if I act in this film. I am not worried about adverse comments. My whole concentration is on cinema. I will act in films even after I get married and have kids. I will take an oath from my would be husband that he should not prevent me from acting after marriage. Many of the actresses are forcibly prevented from acting after their marriages.

I don’t accept this. Women have come out of their kitchens long time ago. They are earning independently and standing on their own legs. I have faith in God. My favorite God is Muruga. I will go to temples. My father is an atheist. I am living alone in Mumbai.”

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