Ambikapathy Movie Review

28-1372411184-ambirev-01Dhanush has made a dream debut in Bollywood with Raanjhanaa, which was released last Friday (June 21). The actor got a rousing welcome from critics as well as audience. As a result, the movie has become a hit and inching towards reaching the 50-crore mark at the Bollywood Box Office. However, the dubbed version of the movie in Tamil is releasing worldwide today (June 28).

The success in the Bollywood has obviously made the makers of the film to have a large release in Kollywood. Raanjhanaa, which is titled as Ambikapathy in Tamil, is releasing in 275 screens in Tamil Nadu. Indeed, it is the biggest ever release for a dubbed Hindi film in the state. Well, let us see know what the movie has to offer. Read on for the review…

The story is narrated in flashback where Dhanush recalls the first time he laid eyes on the object of his affection, Zoya. He obsesses and loves her to the extent that every slap and rejection is a thorn disguised as a flower in his mind. And also the actor’s character shows that it is not cool to fall in love.

A Hindu boy loving a Muslim girl (Sonam Kapoor) with such tenacity that the latter is compelled to give in, if only briefly. The girl’s family sends her to her aunt’s place in horror to complete her education.

Audience would witness behaviours like angry, aggressive, passionate, temperamental, moody and quite simply majestic in Ambikapathy. The movie is an opulent, epic, seductive, raging and rippling ode to love. The script, by Himanshu Sharma, journeys from the boy’s childhood when he first sees his object of adoration doing her namaaz, and follows him to adulthood, much in the same way as he follows her around. The beauty of the story is that the story is built with the drama at a gentle pace and has taken care to create the right kind of physical and psychological spaces for the characters to breathe and evolve in.

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