Actress Reema Kallingal says that there is nothing wrong in living together without getting married

ActressReemaKallingalActress Reema Kallingal is a Malayalam actress. She has paired with Bharath in the Tamil film Yuvan Yuvathi. She has acted in numerous Malayalam films including Kerala Cafe, Happy Husbands, City of God, Neelathaamara, 22 Female Kottayam and Nitra.

She has recently got the Kerala State Award for her best acting in the films 22 Female Kottayam and Nitra. When Reema Kallingal was acting in the film 22 Female Kottayam, she fell in love with the director Ashiq Abu.

Both of them moved very intimately. Reema and Ashiq created a great sensation in the film industry by living together in the same house without getting married. The duo was not perturbed and also did not comment anything about living together.
When asked Reema Kallingal about this, she said, “If there is a good understanding between a man and woman, there is nothing wrong in living together. I am a person who feels that a man and woman can live together without getting married. It is enough that if you are united in mind and soul. Understanding each other is very important. I like this life very much. I would continue to live like this.”

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