After MGR, Ajith is the most-loved hero, opines Cho

MGR-AjithVeteran journalist ‘Cho’ Ramasamy, one of the most widely respected media person and political analysts in the country, has said that in his opinion, after the legendary hero MGR, it was Ajith who had the maximum number of fans who loved him on and off-screen. Cho, who started off as an actor before moving to the field of journalism, carries a lot of weight among political circles.

Cho rarely appreciates film personalities or politicians. Getting positive comments from him is almost equivalent to winning the toughest of wars on the battlefront . Now Cho Ramasamy has compared Ajith would be next hero who sets a role model to the next generation after the former great MGR. His fan base has been increasing gradually despite the fact he never tries to cash in on his popularity like other stars stand.

The ‘MGR Magic’ is still at work and is very much tangible among the supporters of the present ruling party in the State. A MGR fan never switches his loyalty and always stays a die-hard MGR fan and follower. Their limitless support, patronage, love and affection paved the way for MGR in ascending the throne and remaining as the ‘indisputable’ top politician in the State till his demise in 1987.

Comparing Ajith with the late MGR in terms of the number of fans he has got is surely a shot in the arm for Ajith, who disbanded all the Fans’ Clubs operating in his name more than a couple of years ago. “In my opinion, Ajith comes next only to the great MGR in terms of loyal fans. But it is not easy to match MGR’s charisma,” Cho has said.

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