Iron Man Three – Maybe third time isn’t a charm..

70f0038c-f38f-4f35-bae2-40ffac97533aOtherImageDirected by: Shane Black

Cast :

· Robert Downey, Jr. As Tony Stark / Iron Man

· Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia “Pepper” Potts

· Don Cheadle as Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes / Iron Patriot

· Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian

· Rebecca Hall as Dr. Maya Hansen

· Stephanie Szostak as Ellen Brandt

· James Badge Dale as Eric Savin

· Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery

· Try Simpkins as Harley

Rating: 3/5

Iron Man Three – Maybe third time isn’t a charm..

As me and my friends exited the multiplex, we had nothing to say. One of my friends remarked ‘The movie is filled with action sequences from start to finish’. Another one of us was simply silent for a while and stated one word ‘Incomplete!’

This is what happens in the post ‘Avengers’ era. You have expectations. You go into the cinema hall hoping to get a repeat dose of what super heroes did best and impressed you the first time around. It is a tight rope for film makers.

So here is the review for Iron Man 3. Be advised that this reviewer tried to catch it last week and ended up watching ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’. If you have read that review here then you can guess that I had high expectations with my original cinema choice last week.

Iron man 3 brings us back into the world of Tony Stark and his amazing mechanized suits. The movie sort of picks up where Avengers left off. The story arc is based on the ‘Extremis’ virus plot line arc from the original comics. Stark embarasss a super genius/scientist 13 years ago in a party and the super genius comes back as a super villain in present day to turn Stark’s world upside down. Would love to divulge further plot details but I am sure there are readers out there who are still waiting to catch in cinema halls. Hence I digress..

How is the movie? Well, this is the confusing part. To say the least, it is a good catch at the theaters for the weekend. Really! It has blockbuster written all over it. The action sequences are superb. The story line is darker. Stark is more human and vulnerable, yet pulls off great smarts to defeat evil. The suits are shinier and more potent (Yes suits..as in you will see more than one type) and the supporting casts are fleshed out well. The movie just hit the one billion mark in terms of revenues!

Robert Downey Jr. brings back the awesome Tony Stark/Iron man for us. Stark is facing post traumatic stress disorder of some sort and appears more disturbed than the way we have seen him in the earlier installments. Gwyneth Paltrow returns as well as Pepper Potts, Tony’s love interest. She surprised us with a couple of action sequences but more or so remains the eye candy. Apart from the lead pair, Jon Favreau (the director of the first two installments) makes a return as the now chief of security of Stark Industries – Happy Hogan. We also see Don Cheadle as a rebranded ‘Iron Patriot’. Out of the three movies, he appears to have meatier action sequences on this one. The two new notable characters are played by Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce (Both negative)

Ben Kingsley has always been a treat to watch. With every performance that I catch by him, I cant believe that this is the same guy who played Gandhi! Kingsley’s character -Mandarin is one of the key antagonists in the movie.

Guy Pearce continues to impress me. An actor who has always been underrated yet has some amazing films to his credit. After a cameo in Prometheus and an interesting low budget action adventure ‘Lock Out’, he returns to the screen as Aldrich Killian. The man who makes super soldiers with a deadly side effect. Still cant believe why he does not have main stream exposure. After all, he is the original Ghajini! (Memento)

The suits themselves are a ‘character’ in this movie The highlight of the movie is the Mark 42 suit (Yes, Tony has reached Mark 42, which means we get to see at least 2 dozen Iron Man suits in the movie). It has an advanced mobile deployment feature (a step up from the mobile suit seen in Avengers) and also can be controlled remotely.

So that covers the good, now the bad parts that have been lingering in this review.

Why does Tony Stark gets anxiety attacks? Iron Man fans love him for the fact that he is always in control. Agreed that all sequels move towards maturity but where is the cockiness of Tony Stark. I went to see the punchlines, the blaring AC/DC music lined entrances and the awesome Tony Stark wit. I still laugh when I recall Iron Man and Thor’s first exchange of words in Avengers. When Thor asks hi who he was, his reply was that he looked like a reject Shakespeare character (“Does thy mother know that you wear her drapes?” Hilarious ) That is missing in Iron Man 3. Maybe we love Iron Man be cause he is Tony Stark. Making Stark’s life go through emotional trauma and seriousness just killed it for me.

Marvel’s climaxes also set you up for sequels but I guess that is not coming. I do not want to spill any beans but I will just say that the climax of this one does not bring us any ideas on how the story arc will move forward.

Shiny and impressive on the outside, but hollow and non personal from the inside. The movie is just like the Mark 42 suit. Hope there is an Avengers 2 and Tony Stark comes back with his ego and wit once again.

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