I am not in love with any actresses: Atharvaa

AtharvaaloveAtharvaa who was roaming like a nomad for Bala’s film Paradesi is now become a modern boy. He is gearing up for his love boy role in his next film.

He while speaking to the media said:

It might have taken a long time to come out of the Paradesi role. You have been so imbibed in that role.

That was like a hermitage. After that film, the audience are expecting more from me. With that in mind I am beginning my new film.
The film Idhayam in which your father had donned the lead role is still being spoken about. When he had acted in that film, he had the experience of acting in many films. Can you act like your father in such a romantic film?

My dad is a lucky artist. His story selection is superb. Let me get a film like that. I will do it according to the present trend.

That means you have love experience?

Sir, why are you going on a different route? I have that good experience in my home itself. My father and mother are the example for this. They have told me that how they had loved and how much they suffered. They were against their parents and both of them ran away and got married. I think that experience will suffice for me. We can rock sir.

Atharvaa, you have studied in a co-education college. Have you loved anyone there?

Nothing sir. There were boys and girls friends. We use to chat a lot. We will cut the classes and go for movies. When I studied in the school I had that crush. That’s all.

How much do you miss your college life?

That is a different life, sir. We use to cut classes five days in a week and go for movies. We use to tease each other. Will those days come back? It will not come back.

Once in cinema, love will crop up. Has love come?

There is no time for all these things. Now only I have put my foot in the field and those things are not necessary for me. I don’t even have that thought. Whatever my mother says, I will abide.

There is news that you have fallen for Janani Iyer?

I don’t know who is spreading such things. These kinds of rumours are spread in order to create an obstacle in my career growth. If there is anything like that, I will definitely tell the truth.

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