Is it wrong if I stay with the hero in my room: Actress Lakshmi Rai?

lakshmi-raiThere is towering inferno in Kodambakkam about Lakshmi Rai staying with actor Vinay in a same room in a hotel. The hottest talk is that Lakshmi Rai stayed with Vinay in a same room while shooting for the film Onbathula Guru.

One of important crew member shared with us certain things that occurred. He said, “That was an important stage of the film. Lots of actors have to participate in the shooting which was taking place in Pondicherry.

So, director P T Selvakumar was shooting in top gear because he did not want to waste the call sheet of all the actors. The shooting was wrapped up at exactly 6 pm. Vinay gave us a surprise by visiting us at that time. He had come from another shooting spot. So we had arranged a room for him. Lakshmi Rai wanted to host a party to all the crew members right from the light boy.
The whole unit consisting of 100 members became very cheerful. The party went up to 1 am. At that time Vinay said that he did not like the room allotted to him. He said, “Lakshmi Rai is given a room in five star hotel and I have been allotted with a room in an ordinary hotel.” Though Vinay‚Äôs demand is justifiable, there were no other vacant rooms where Lakshmi Rai stayed. Vinay could not be convinced. At that juncture, Lakshmi Rai requested Vinay to stay with her in the room. Vinay also agreed for this and the problem was solved.”

When asked director P T Selvakumar about this, he said, “It is true that there was a party. Normally leading actors and actresses will participate in the parties hosted by the actors and actresses of their level. Lakshmi Rai hosted a party for the crew members and enjoyed with them. This is a big matter. It is not wrong on the part of Vinay to demand a room. There will always be an ego among the heroes in these matters. In spite of all this, he made lots of adjustments and cooperated with us.”

When asked Lakshmi Rai about this, she said, “Acting in Onbathula Guru was a jolly good experience for me. I was not angered when you said that I was in love with Vinay. Now you are saying that we both stayed in the same room. What I would like to say is that there is nothing wrong if two friends stay in the same room with good intentions. No controversy should be created because Vinay is a hero.”

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