It seems only cockroach, house-fly and mosquito can be villains in film:KS Ravikumar

KS-Ravikumar-at-Onbathula-Guru-Movie-Audio-LaunchKS-Ravikumar-at-Onbathula-Guru-Movie-Audio-LaunchApparently irked by the level of opposition amongst many groups to the names of the characters in the script which some films have witnessed in the recent past, popular film-maker K.S. Ravikumar has remarked that it seemed to me that in future, the names of the characters would have to be like that of cockroach, house-fly and mosquito so as not to attract any further needless controversy on the issue.

K.S. Ravikumar, who hasn’t had any directorial venture after the Kamal Haasan-Trisha starrer Manmadhan Ambu which released more than two years back, was taking part in the audio-launch of an upcoming film titled Onbathula Guru directorial debut of P.T. Selvakumar, Actor Vijay’s PRO. Onbathula Guru stars Vinay, Lakshmi Rai, Arvind Aakash, Sathyan, Premgi, Sona Heiden, Geetha Singh and Chaams in lead roles. K.S. Ravikumar has also done a brief role in the film.

Speaking at the event held at the Devi Cinema Complex in the city, KSR said “Like our former president Dr. Abdul Kalam’s advice to ‘Keep dreaming’, my friend Selvakumar did have dreams of making a film and has achieved that feat today by becoming a director. He had worked as PRO in many of my films in the past. He is also a very competent journalist and I’m happy Selvakumar has joined the league of directors in Kollywood.

“Film-making has been increasingly becoming an arduous task nowadays; a villain has to oppose a hero in the film. Yet, the villain shouldn’t be shown as belonging to any caste or religion and also to any professions such as advocate, doctor of a cop. If he is shown so, the concerned group goes up in arms against such depiction. If a villain can’t belong to any of the above-said categories of communities, I don’t know how he can ever be depicted by any film-maker.

“Even if he is shown as a resident of a particular locality, the residents of that locality oppose the film. If animals are shown as villains, animal rights protection group starts opposing it. Directors these days have to overcome all kinds of possible oppositions to achieve success,” Ravikumar sounded exasperated.

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