Snippets about Ajith

AjithHere are some personal matters about our Grand Opening Master Thala Ajith ( Exclusive)

· Ajith was born in Secunderabad near Hyderabad. He was brought up and studied in Chindaripet, Chennai

· After completing his college studies, he worked in a garment factory located in Teyanampet. Later on he himself began a garment factory which ended up in great loss. Because of this, he started acting in advertisement films. That gave him an opportunity to show his head in commercial cinema.

· He debuted in a Telugu film with the name Sridhar. When he got the opportunity to act in his first Tamil film Amaravathi, he was insisted to act with the name Sridhar. Thala refused to act with that name and acted with his original name Ajith.
· He is an ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. He can be seen in the Sai Baba temples located at Mylapore, Valasaravakkam and ECR.

· Ajith has the habit of not troubling anyone after 6 pm. If at all he has to speak to anyone after 6 pm, he will ask for permission by SMS to the concerned.

· Ajith will not permit anyone to meet him at the shooting spots. He will not even permit the producer and director of his next film at the shooting spots. He will not use mobiles during the shooting intervals. He will not sit in his caravan. He will be always ready when the director calls him.

· Ajith is well known for his hospitality. He will personally receive the guests who come to his house. He will welcome the guest with a glass of water and will serve the food in his own hands. Until the guest leaves he will not attend any phone calls. His mobile phone will be in silent mod until the guest leaves.

· If a person speaking with him utters a new word, he will try to understand the meaning of that word. He will pronounce it properlyand will keep it in his mind.

· He is very much interested in engineering. He will disband his bikes and his daughter’s Anoushka’s toy helicopters and assemble it once again. Thus he learns that how these things work.

· The things he keeps in his house and office should be there in the same place. If he had asked someone to meet at 10, he will be ready by 9.55

· On occasions like Christmas, birthdays and other festive seasons, Ajith has the habit of inviting his staff along with their families and will host them lunch or dinner. He will introduce his father, mother, wife Shalini and his daughter Anoushka to the guests.

· At any point of time, he will not hurt the feelings of others. If at all someone tries to hurt his feelings he will move away from that person with a small smile.

· His favourite colour is white. Though he has many luxurious cars, his favourite one is his white colour Swift.

· The films that he acts are decided by him. His wife, parents and friends will not interfere in this matter.

· Ajith has so far undergone 15 surgeries. While shooting for the film directed by Vishnuvardhan, Ajith sustained injuries during the car chasing sequences. Since there is continuous shooting Ajith is yet to give his call sheet for his 16th surgery.

· Ajith allots eight months for a film. He has mentioned to his close friends, “My aim is not heap awards. The laurels from my audience are enough for me.”

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