Madhavan is the PETA person of the year

Maddy_and_SimbaRecently the People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) named Madhavan as the person of the year for propagating vegetarianism in Indian society. The actor has been appreciated for taking initiative opposing the injustice done to the creatures and supporting the organization.He says “I am honored to receive the recognition from PETA. I feel it is really sad how these animals are slaughtered without hesitation time and again. A lot of us need to understand that they just have feelings like us.In fact, at times the animals are left to bleed to a pity death at these slaughterhouses.”

Apparently the actor has narrated for a movie produced under PETA’s banner. It is inspired by the legendary musician Paul McCartney who once said “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian”. Titled “Glass Walls” the eight minute documentary highlights the cruelty animals face before they are finally traded off to consumers of meat in local markets for a handsome exchange of money.

Moreover, it brings out the unrevealed brutally that buyers of meat choose to ignore repeatedly. In addition to it Madhavan has recently written to the CEO of Yum! Brands advising them on better alternatives for their KFC outlets present all over the world. We bring you the documentary which was shot by cinematographer Parashar Baruah and narrated by Madhavan.

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