Adharva says that he is thankful to Bala brother

AdharvaLate actor Murali son Adharva had donned the lead role in Paradesi directed by Bala. When asked him that whether he will be soon on par with Vikram, Surya, Arya and Vishal, he said, ” I don’t know. Everything is new to me.

When I got a call from Bala brother and said that I was the hero of his film, I became very nervous. He told me that I had to work hard. I was also ready to work hard. I did what he said. He only should tell about me.

So far I have earned a good name. I am not very familiar with cinema. My only dream was to become a pilot. I came to cinema all of a sudden without my knowledge. My father was there to guide me. I was not scared since he was with me. My father’s death took me to another life. I had to shoulder big responsibility at a very young age. The maturity I had made me lead a good life. Bala brother said that he is doing as a gratitude this to Murali’s son. That word only gave me a motivation. I am very thankful to Bala brother.”

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