Suresh Krishna disowns Rajini’s Baba in his book ‘Baashavum Naanum’

Rajinikant-in-Basha-2It’s not uncommon for directors and heroes not to talk quite too often about their failed projects. In fact, they ‘conveniently’ forget to refer to or mention about the film during their interviews. Yet, it is very odd for an established director not to refer to one such project which bombed at the box-office especially when the hero of the film was none other than superstar Rajinikanth.

Director Suresh Krishna, who has directed the likes of superstar Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijaykanth and Sarath Kumar, is mostly remembered for his super-duper Rajini hits such as Annamalai, Veera, Baashha and the not-so-successful Baba. While he has spoken at length about the first 3 films he made with Rajini, Suresh has chosen not to say anything about Baba in a new book he has released recently.

Suresh has only managed to embarrass Rajinikanth, who has never attempted to hide his rare failures, by not referring to Baba in his book titled Baashavum Naanum which has hit the stands recently. While Suresh remembered Baashha so much so that he could use it in the title of the book, it beats logic as to what made him disown Baba.

Introducing himself as the director of Rajini-starrers such as Annamalai, Veera and Baashha, Suresh has shared many interesting events and tidbits relating to the making of these films but no word has been said about Baba, which is considered by many as a ‘good film’ which didn’t court success at the box-office. However, Rajini’s fans still liked the film and the mudra used by Rajini in the film became hugely popular.

Though Rajini compensated some distributors and theatre-owners for the losses the film caused him, some distributors still reiterate that the film was a ‘moderate’ success (and not a ‘failed’ project) as compared to other blockbusters of the times. Whatever be the case might have been, Suresh’s total ‘neglect’ of the film hasn’t gone unnoticed by Rajini’s fans.

Wonder what Suresh would have to say in his defense!

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