Vayasu Pasanga – Movie Stills

Cast: Anush, Jai Arvind, Vindhya, Livingston, Master Manikandan, Kamlesh.
Director: Bharati Kannan

Take some of the more unsavoury scenes from some of the recently released ‘growing-up’ films, throw in a sexy siren and a murder and you get ‘Vayasu Pasanga’. It has a handful of debutants, none of them particularly impressive, the script not helping them out either. The screenplay is a confused affair, like they’d tried to blend two different themes together.

A much slimmer Vindhya takes a break from her ‘item numbers’, and catches your eye, with the promise that given the right role – unlike the confused etching of her character here – she still has it in her to bounce back.

Vindhya plays Nandini, glamorous and sexy, who, conniving with her boyfriend Vasu (Kamlesh), marries Devraj, a wealthy elderly man, with an eye on getting his wealth. She finds her scapegoats in the form of Vikki, Pazhani and Lakshmipathi (Amush-Jai Arvind-Manikandan), three high school students.

The trio, after whiling away their time, teasing, ragging and molesting their classmates, all in the name of innocent fun, now turn their voyeuristic attention on their new neighbour, the sexy and uninhibited Nandini.

They do all sorts of ridiculous things to catch her attention and get in close proximity with her. Nandini indulges them, for she has her own hidden agenda. And before long, the trio find themselves hauled up for the murder of Devraj. Realisation, and the mandatory lectures on ideal student behaviour follow later! After the director had brought to screen all the unsavoury ‘mischief’ the trio have been up to!

Bharati Kannan, after directing some devotionals, tries his hand at a different subject. But if this is the stuff he has to offer, he would do better to stick to his socio-religious genre!

Malini Mannath

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