Kazhugu – Tamil Movie Review

Cast: Krishna, Bindhu Madhavi, Karunaas, Thambi Ramiah, Jayaprakash and others
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Sathya
Direction: Sathyasiva
Producer: Talking Times

Debutant Director Sathyasiva’s Kazhugu is a film from a very different backdrop indeed. It’s not often one gets to watch a film dealing with real-life problems that we get to encounter on a daily basis. The film attempts to take a closer look on the feelings, lives and emotional upheavals of ordinary mortals who try and execute extra-ordinary things for their survival and for their families.

Though the title of the film reminds one of a super-duper Rajini hit film in the early eighties, content-wise, it has nothing to do with the Rajini-starrer. Kazhugu narrates in detail about the lives of men who are (born to) recover corpses of suicide victims who jump off the cliff at the picturesque Kodaikanal, a top tourist hill station in the State along with Ooty.

The trio of Sera (Krishna), Shanmugham (Thambi Ramiah) and Nandu (Karunaas) eke out their livelihood by searching for and carrying dead bodies up from the bottom of the cliff. Meeting the death and looking at mutilated bodies is almost a daily routine for them and they take it in their stride, not making much ado about it.

Sera who leads a mechanical life sans any emotions befitting a human, changes himself and his lifestyle after coming across Kavitha (Bindhu Madhavi). Kavitha takes extreme care of him and successfully changes his heart towards her as he starts behaving like any normal human being. Nandu and Shanmugham help Sera marry Kavitha against all odds. Sera’s life takes a new turn.

Enters Ayya (Jayaprakash) and the scenario changes drastically as he plays havoc with the lives of Nandu and Shanmugham. Sera gets angry and vows to take revenge on Ayya. The rest of the movie deals with how he goes about it.

As stated earlier, director Sathyasiva deserves compliments of the highest order for attempting a story in such a backdrop in his very first film. Thoug he deals with death and gory incidents/accidents, he has avoided showing them directly thereby saving some ‘heart-wrecking’ moments for the viewers. The director has wonderfully narrated the tale as it happens without making any commercial compromise.

The young film-maker sure has a grip over the medium and gives ample hints of his film-making abilities. Though the film commences in an interesting manner, it gets into the routine mode once the villain enters; this could have been done away with. The second half is lengthy and drags; the climax is far too predictable.

After trying his hand at playing lead roles in commercial movies such as Alibaba and Kattradhu Kalavu, Krishna has got a meaty role to prove his acting credentials. The actor, younger sibling of director Vishnuvardhan, proves that he is as good an actor as the script allows him to become. He surprises his fans and audiences with a matured and appreciable performance.

Bindhu Madhavi’s facial expressions are good. Her big eyes help her emote well. The actress gets into the skin of her role and has given a good account of herself. Karunaas and Thambi Ramiah are competent while Jayaprakash’s sophisticated act, as always, is excellent.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has given some enjoyable songs and scores heavily in the background music department, much like his illustrious father.

Kazhugu has a strong storyline which has been presented very well by the debutant director. Notwithstanding the predictable climax and the slow second half, the film might very well end up as a hit film.

Quite watchable indeed!

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