Naanga – Tamil Movie Review

Produced by Cinema Kottagai,
Directed by : Selvah
Cast : Sanjay Krishna, Shakir, Munees, Vinod, Aswin Raja, Priya, Shivani, Vaidehi
Music : Balabharathy
We don’t deny that painstaking efforts were taken to recreate a bygone era on screen. Right from the costumes to hairdos to set-props, every minute thing in Naanga resemble the 1980s. On that front, director Selva deserves rich praise.


But the fact is also that the filmmaker has failed to hold a firm grip over the audience’ interest, courtesy an outdated narration, loophole marred screenplay and lacklusture performance by new actors.

What begins on a promising note fizzles out as the film progresses and ends up in a cliched manner. As a result, Naanga, despite having some good things, becomes a difficult experience to watch.

After being in the hospital bed for nearly two-and-a-half decades, Devi (Vishnupriya) comes out of coma. Doctors consider it as a medical miracle and the news gets flashed in newspapers and television channels.

A set of people are surprised to see this, as Devi was none other than their friend in the college. The start out a trip to meet Devi and in the meantime, also find out Babu (Uday), Devi’s lover during college days, who is now in prison.

As the journey starts, also begins a trip down the memory lane, where the story of each and every individual is narrated. All the stories end at one point in the climax, with some twists.

Lead actors Sanjay Krishna, Vinod, Nivas, Udhay, Munees, Shakir, Ashwin Raja, Vishnu Priya, Shivani and Vaidehi- all newcomers- take us to the 1980s. Kasturi makes a glamorous comeback.

Music by Balabharathi is adequate and the composer has utilised Naanga opportunity to announce his re-entry. Cinematography and other technical departments are okay. Costume designer deserves a special mention.

Naanga is no doubt an interesting concept. But the way it has been narrated on screen is not so interesting.

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