Udumban review

Director: Ramji S Balan
Producer: Jeganadhan
Music Director: Ramji S Balan
Release Date: 17 Feb 2012
Genre: Drama
Language: Tamil
It seems to be the season of movies taking a dig at educational system. The likes of Nanban, Dhoni and Marina have dealt about the flaws in educational system and need to educate the younger generation and allow them to do what they aspire for. Director S Balan has taken it in his stride to deliver a movie with loud message. He has cast India’s no 1 bike racer Dilip Rogers in the lead role. Though he is a novice to acting, he has delivered is role well.

Udumban (Dilip Rogger) is an illiterate and a school drop-out. Hie life is his mother. He is a petty their who goes around robbing rich people of their valuables with a monitor lizard in his shoulder.
He decides to become rich and turn of events leads to him opening a school. He amasses money in the pretext of donation. Since he has land in prison for a crime, his brother Kaali (Sunil) takes charge. On his return from jail, a reformed Roggers finds out that his brother has cheated many parents and fleeced huge money to build an empire.
Now he takes up the task of reforming the education system. Fights his brother and ends up achieving the dream of giving of free and fair education to all.
Dilip Rogger is the axle of the movie. He plays his part exceedingly well.

For a bike racer to do acting is no easy task. But he does it well. The girls Sana and Geethika play typical heroines. They come and sing songs and disappear. Sunil plays baddie The rest of the cast are adequate.
The film is humourous and boldly talks about educational flaws. It does serve the purpose. But the mix has gone wrong somewhere.

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