Ajith tells that whether he will enter politics

Ajith has currently completed acting in Billa 2 and is gearing himself to act in his film which is to be directed by Vishnuvardhan. When asked Ajith that whether he will take his path to politics, he said, “I came to cinema to earn money for my livelihood. Yes. I am selfish. Money is necessary for buying car, bungalow and other luxuries.

That is the only reason I came to cinema. I will not say that I came to cinema because I had passion for arts. I don’t think I am worthy enough to say moral views through my acting to the audience, because people are very clever. They have clear vision on every matter. If my film is good, the people will appreciate me. I will be happy. If the film is bad they will scold but I am not worried. I will try to rectify the mistake. That’s all. With regard to politics, I would like to say about a proverb which says, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”.

The food will be tasty only if one or two people cook in the kitchen, but if 10 people cook, then the food will become unworthy to eat. There are numerous political parties in Tamil Nadu. I respect the political leaders who have started their lives as basic member and had reached the top through their hard work.
Without understanding politics, there is no point in me entering politics. I know cinema. I do not know politics. I don’t want to confuse myself as well as the people by entering the politics. In short, I am not worthy to become a politician.”

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