Interview with actor Jiiva

Today, Jiiva has become the most apt for the term – ‘Director’s Actor’. It is true that there is a ‘Ko’ in Jiiva as we witnessed the beautiful photographs over his walls.

How did Gautham Menon sign you for Neethaane En Ponvasantham?


Following ‘Nadunissi Naaigal’, Gautham Menon wanted to make a Life Size Film and after completing the script, he felt that I was apt for the role. The film reflected many of the incidents in my real life love story between me and my wife right from our childhood. The beautiful moments include the little clashes, sweet times, sharing each others’ happiness and worries. The film is so close to my heart and Neethaane En Ponvasantham will have more emotions than Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. It will be one of the best romantic films of all times.

Vishal has said that you are the best actor of this year.
That’s his specialty and he is so innocent and good that makes him say so. Vishal has been my friend for past ten years. Not alone Vishal, Arya and Ravi, my friends are so happy about my success. If things are going well for all of us, it is all because of their kind heartedness. We don’t have any competition and jealousy over each other.

You say that Vishal, Arya and Ravi are close friends.

Cricket brought us closer and now we have become more off personal friends and we started spending more time for each other. Ravi is a cool guy. Vishal takes the responsibility of bringing us together. Aarya is a super-fun loving guy and wherever we are there together. Even during critical stage of the match, he remains calm and funny asking us to bring a large leg piece Chicken Biryani. I am so happy that I have great friends like them. Whenever I feel about them, the song ‘En Frienda Pola Yaaru Macha’ strikes my mind and I raise my collars.

You say ‘All is Well’ in Life. How is it with Simbhu now?

We have no hard feelings and it might have happened due to some miscommunication. He appreciated my performance in Nanban and wished on my birthday. Yes, ‘All is Well’ between us.

Why there aren’t any gossips and romantic link-ups between you and any actresses?

It’s so simple. I don’t run behind anyone. Family is important than me than my career. I adore my family as a temple. I have a wife, who I have loved from my childhood. She is like my friend. She has completed MBA Graduation and yet settled down with family life. She is taking care of my and our child, supervising the restaurant and is accustomed to the way of living according to the wish of our parents… I have to be honest and truthful to such a sincere wife, who has sacrificed many things for me, isn’t that right? Of course I should be and therefore I am.

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