7am Arivu for International Film Festivals

With the success story behind the movie 7am Arivu, director AR Murugadoss is deriving some elevated recognition. This time he is aiming for a universal galore by sending the movie to various Film Festivals all over the world. He has chosen the programs scheduled in countries of Europe and other American countries.

He believes that the movie has such a deserving deeds to claim its superiority. Normally Tamil films get into such slots on the merits of the jury’s selection. It is to be seen whether 7am Arivu would gain that much of voting from the judges. However, ARM and the producers are firm in propagating the movie to the world level. In that case, Surya will be focused to the international audience.

The purpose of the spread is that the script is suitable for the foreign audience. With this motive, ARM is simultaneously working on the clippings of the movie to be packed for previews on these countries. With right concept and tight screenplay, the movie may trigger a new shade for the alien people about Tamil culture.

By the way, Today is 7am Arivu’s 5oth day. Congratulations to the Entire 7am Arivu team for this success.

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