Trisha says that she will marry a person who loves animals

Trisha is now a member of People for Animal Association and is now actively participating in protecting the stray dogs. Her service has attracted the members of this association. Because of this she has been made the brand ambassador of this association. She is acting in the awareness campaign about protecting stray dogs.

Recently while speaking in a function organized by this association, she said, “I am very fond of dogs. That is why I am taking them and sheltering and taking care of them. Rich people buy foreign dogs. They think that it is their status symbol. But I am not for that. We should adopt stray dogs and bring them up. I am bringing up stray dogs.
Seeing me many should come forward to follow me. There is no point in simply talking about the safety of these animals. We should show it in action. I will marry a person who loves animals. A person who has affection on animals will have affection on the people also. Suppose if I happen to see such a person I will forcibly tell that person that I am ready to marry him.”

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