Rajini requests makers not to use his name in titles of films

Superstar Rajinikanth has appealed to film-makers not to use his name as part of the title of their films. Rajini has become so popular that film-makers tend to think that even titles bearing his name might result in the film(s) doing well at the box-office. In this context, it is stated that a film bearing the title Peruman – The Rajinikanth is gearing up for its theatrical release.

Directed by Rajesh Kanna, the title of the film was not objected in the first place by Rajinikanth. Later, though, the superstar reportedly asked the director of the film through his PRO Sudhakar to drop his name from the title of the film. Commenting on it, Sudhakar says “Peruman refers to the all-powerful God who is above everybody else. Rajini Sir has always felt that nobody can be equal to the Almighty.

“Rajini Sir also felt that if he allowed the title to be retained, it might lead to so many wrong understandings and interpretations and has asked me to appeal to the director to delete his name from the film’s title,” concluded Sudhakar. A Kannada film with the title Rajinikantha is under production. The film is said to be about the story of a pair of twins.

Its director Majnu says, “Rajini Sir is a role model for all of us. I did explain to Rajini about the script of the film. Except for the title, no reference would be made to him in the entire film. I explained about this to him in detail and secured his permission to retain the title.”

A Marathi film titled Rajinikanth was launched some time back but has since been abandoned. As many as 10 films with titles bearing Rajini’s names have been registered with the Producers’ Council. Sudhakar’s message addresses all of them and has appealed to them saying “Rajini Sir has requested that his name need not be related in any way to the title(s) of films.”

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