Sameera Reddy says that kissing is a beautiful thing

Sameera Reddy has paired with Vishal in the film Veddi directed by Prabhu Deva. In recent times, Sameera can be seen in Tamil films. When asked her about this, she said, “Yes. My concentration these days are on Tamil cinema. The reason for this is Tamil audience.

Recently I had been to Karaikudi for a Hindi film shooting. But the people there saw me as a Tamil heroine. They were happy seeing me. They were speaking to me very affectionately. I became very emotional and now the Tamil people are important to me.

Many in the media are asking me that whether I am a kissing expert because there was a kissing scene with Vishal in the film Veddi. I am very clear in one thing. That is if I have to kiss, I will kiss only in the cheeks. There is no chance of lip to lip kiss. I am not interested in this. Kissing is a beautiful matter. It is very emotional and sentimental.

It is very cute. Even if it is acting in a film, the kissing should be cute, I will kiss as if a girl kisses his lover really. Because of this many are asking that whether I am a bold girl. To tell the truth I am not a bold girl. I have the looks of a bold girl but in real I am a very shy type.”

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