Cheran all praise for Prasannas character in Muran

Not many are aware that director Rajan Madhav and music director Sajjan Madhav, who are debuting in Cheran’s upcoming film ‘Muran’ in the capacities mentioned prior to their names, are the sons of popular Malalayalam music director Ravindhiran. The Madhavs are in sync with each other’s thought process and have therefore selected the same film as their first film.

Muran is produced by Cheran in association with UTV Motion Pictures. Cheran has also played a significant role along with another talented but not-so-busy actor Prasanna in the film. Cheran has recently expressed his surprise that the film has come out really well in terms of quality.

Prior to debuting as director, Rajan Madhav worked as assistant director under Mysskin in his films Anjathay, Nandalala and Yudhdham Sei. Cheran was inspired by the script narrated to him by Rajan during the making of Yudhdham Sei and decided to give it a go as a producer which has now been given the shape in the form of Murann.

The film deals with the lives of two men, who are as diverse as a flower and a thorn, who accidentally meet each other. Madhav has adapted the latest style of film-making to ensure that the film doesn’t tire its viewers. Cheran has also said that he liked Prasanna’s role in film and would have loved to do the role himself. “Prasanna has done a wonderful job,” says Cheran.

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