Selvaraghavan Lashes Out at Directors for Plagiarism

He could well have made Aayirathil Oruvan with inspirations here and there from popular Hollywood movies. However, premise-wise, it was an original work and there was a lot of originality in it. Selvaraghavan has spoken about plagiarism in the Tamil film industry, much to the shock of fellow directors.

Selvaraghavan has good creativity in terms of writing original scenes that appeal to one and all. However, he need not be blamed for Aayirathil Oruvan for taking inspiration from too many sources. Yet, the final product stood out as original. He said that directors who buy DVDs first at Burma Bazaar become the best directors in Tamil Nadu. He added that this trend would not augur well for the Tamil film industry and the future will criticize contemporary directors for excessive plagiarism.

Selvaraghavan could well have talked about torrent downloads too, since they give much easier access for directors to watch films and make them their scripts. Selvaraghavan also said that real creativity would lose its value, if directors kept on plagiarizing repeatedly. Food for thought! This trend should reverse and original creativity should be acknowledged, respected and admired!

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