Kasethan Kadavulada – Tamil Movie Review

Producer: Jamal Syed Ibrahim, J Raja Muhammed
Starring: Sharan, Kamna, Karunas, Pandiarajan, Divya
Direction: Thirumalai
Music: Karunas

The film is about Sharan (Blade Bala), Divya, Sathyan and Lollu Sabha Jeeva who are close friends. They are in need of money as their house’s landowner asks them to vacate the place or else get 4 crore money to stay in the place. The four friends are local pickpockets who comes to Chennai to meet their common friend Karunas, who also steals money for his living.

Karunas suggests them to rob a bank called Secure Bank for their money need. Another gang of Singamuthu also plans to rob that bank, but these four with the help of Karunas robs the money. They hide the money in a land which is under construction and leave the place.

To enjoy their victory, they get on to a boat to celebrate and booze around. When they wake up to reality they realize that they are in another boat which is heading to Andaman. The police in Andaman catch hold of these people and they eventually land up in the jail for about a month. When they come back to Chennai, they realize that the place in which they had hid the money has now been constructed and that happens to be the new police station.

The police station will comprise of Delhi Ganesh as the Inspector, Pandiarajan as the Sub Inspector and Manobala and Alphonse as the assistant cops. Kamna plays Delhi Ganesh’s daughter, who happens to be the film’s heroine.

Ravi Ramakrishnan who was supposed to be the newly appointed Sub Inspector to the station is being kidnapped by Sharan, Sathyan, Jeeva and Karunas, as they wanted to somehow get in to the station to take their money. Sharan enters as the SI to find the whereabout of the money. Their attempts to find the money, go in vain.

At this juncture we get introduced to Mayilsamy who has the money. Mayilsamy happens to have taken the money from the construction area, as he was construction worker. He keeps the money safe at his house in a bed. While that bed is thrown away by his wife, who thinks its an old one and Mayilsamy goes to the station where Sharan is working, to give a complaint. Sharan doubts about Mayilsamy’s attempt to get an old bed back and he interrogates him and finds out that he had been having the money in that lost bed.

Now the trails and tribulations of finding that money starts. The money goes to various places and finally lands up in their own place. Does the four friends get the money, do they hand over the money to the landlord to get back their land or do they get caught by the police on their venture to find the money forms the climax.

Kasethan Kadavulada Review

Though the film’s comedy and the various situations that the leads get in to in search of the money are quite ok to enjoy, it sounds dull and dragging. The same old story that they have tried to project again to the audience, could have been better with a different twists and turns in plot and if it had more fun in its screenplay.

Despite boasting of a list of comedy casting like Karunas, Pandiarajan, Sathyan, Manobala, Delhi Ganesh, Lollu Sabha Jeeva, Singamuthu, Mayilsamy, Pandu, the movie did not offer much to tickle our funny bones.

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