Mayakkam Enna and Irandam Ulagam, Selva’s explanation

Enough has been written about Mayakkam Enna and Irandam Ulagam that Selvaraghavan has decided that it is time the confusion is resolved. The director has made it very clear that Mayakkam Enna and Irandam Ulagam are two different films and his attention is now on the former because its release will be some time soon.

Irandam Ulagam will star Arya and Anushka and this film will commence only in the month of December, Selva states. Moving back to Mayakkam Enna, the director reveals that it is movie for the next-gen.

Maykkam Enna may not be an entirely new story but it is a story that happens at every home now-a-days, Selva has said. The film stars Dhanush and Richa, and according to Selva he picked up Dhanush not because he was his brother but because he was apt for the role in Mayakkam Enna.

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