Nanban is 98% Ready

Shankar’s Nanban, remake of the Hindi blockbuster 3 idiots, is all set to hit the screens soon. The director has expressed his happiness over completing the film for about 98.8888% while the 1.1112% is only a song and another quarter of the song.

Given Shankar’s habit of working on the post production of the film along with the shoot, the director will complete the final edit and rerecording and mixing in record time. Though he has taken long to work on his previous projects, the magnitude of his project is such that he always has to take that amount of time.

This time, Nanban is relatively a quickie compared to Shankar’s standards, since all of Harris Jayaraj’s work and the editor’s work is almost complete, the film can be expected to hit the screens soon. Nanban will come to meet and greet us all sooner than expected. We are in for a big treat with another Shankar film.

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