Watch Lose Control – Rocking Tamil Album (Official video added)

The young group at TN Productions has come on with some real entertainers in the past with potential tracks including super hits like Ennamo Yeadho – KO and the toxicating Iragai Pole from Naan Mahaan Alla being bent to their own tastes ‘flavourably’. In fact the track Neethan Enn Swasam was a rage among the youth as it crossed 40,000 hits within just 4 days of its release.

Their new track titled “Lose Control” is out now exclusively on Tamilwire. This one is coming straight to you from the TN Productions studios in Talent Street, London, UK -full HD.

The video kicks off with a shot of 3 macho guys (played by Ramesh, Julian.F, Rk Dino) sporting jeans and neatly pressed branded clothes as they spend just another regular day hanging out at the fountains. Soon we see a pretty lass (played by Harmeet) walking in to the park, leaving our 3 desperados irresistibly bleeding for the girl from Venus. Right! You guessed it, they just – “Lose control”. Within 50 seconds into the video, all 3 of them confess their feelings for the stranger and there begins the chase for the girl.(Love hits instantly, so true).

The deal is made, fair enough – “Whoever gets her, other two have to back off. ” Now comes the juicy part some wonderful break-dance moves, some crazy one-liners like “baby I’m a one-man show, I’ll make your mind to blow” (Ahem ..ahem…now will she fall for that) and a fallen umbrella(hmm..). Well they try and try without much success as usual with one of them taking up a waiter’s job to try his luck. They even go to the extent of publicly displaying their love only to receive a cheap ice cream on their face. Now enters the show stopper, simply clad in a lungi and a cheap looking shirt and all he arrives with is a few words, “You want to come to my home” (and yeah we have to mention some nice Mankatha violins in the background adding to the dramatic twist)

Here is the situation our cool guys on one side who’ve spent around 4 precious minutes of our 5 minute video to get the girl and on the other side is our show stopper who has mumbled some broken English for his first and best shot. Whom do you go with? Make your guesses fast. Oh! your too late….cause the village drums are already rolling and it’s mundu lifting time with Otha Sollale ringing your ears , and believe it or not the girl falls for the Ganja Karuppu guy leaving our expected ‘heroes’ heartbroken by the river banks.

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