The connection between Atharva and Perarivalan

The Rajiv Gandhi assassination case after all these years is still causing an uproar. Three of the accused – Santhan, Murugan, and Perarivalan have all been given the death sentence despite protests that they have languished in prison all these years in constant fear of being sentened to death and further punishment will be inhuman.

Director Ravi Inba has decided to make a film based on the life of one of the condemned, Perarivalan of the same title.

The director said that this film is based on an issue that he feels strongly about. He said that the film will condemn capital punishment, a disgrace to civilization and an inhuman act beyond measure. Atharva will play the title role and it is going to be a definitive moment in his career.

Given how passionate Tamilians are about this case and the fight to save Perarivalan from death sentence, this film is going to create tidal waves for sure.

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