Mom’s Advice for “Doo” film Heroine

Actress Sumithra has two Daughters, namely Uma and Nakshatra. Elder Daughter Uma has acted in few films. Now, even younger Daughter made her debut through the film “Doo”.

On asking about her Daughter Nakshatra making her debut through the film “Doo”, Sumithra said that, “My elder daughter Uma her debut first. She acted in few films. But, most of the times, she got the Sister kind of roles only. I got good recognitions for my performances. But, my daughter Uma did not get her due recognition. So, she got married later”.

Now, my younger daughter Nakshatra has made her debut. I hope that, she will reach my place. She has already made up her mind that, she does not want to do petty roles. She has the target to do big films and good stories only. I have advised Nakshatra that, only when we feel something from our soul and perform, we can achieve maximum success”.

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